Saturday, June 30, 2007

DEMO: distribution TV channel for "Strings '07" Fri talks

DEMO (Flash video-player: "STRINGS '07", Fri talks)

Click on "GUIDE".."EPISODES" to see list of STRINGS '07/Fri videos

Polchinski, Silverstein, Kallosh, Sugimoto, Berkovitz, Bern, Russo, Quevedo, Randall, Gross

The daily "STRINGS '07" talks can be *distributed* to any website, via a compact Flash video player. I.e., "TV channel syndication" over other (related) physics websites during the conference. Increased exposure/reach for STRINGS '07.

Enhancement of the current video Content/Distribution model (single distribution point at STRINGS '07 website, downloadable video). iPod/iTunes is an additional distribution point, with unlimited potential:

1) iPods (mass-market media-player, 100 million & counting)
Science research-tool & public-outreach. Carrying "science videos in your pocket" has a viral-marketing effect.

2) AppleTV (living room set-top-box)
watching Science videos from comfort of your living room, Science research-tool or public-outreach

3) iPhone (debut on June 29, cellphone demographic is >> media-player demographic)
same as iPod, but possibly even greater reach/effect

Duke & Stanford are "on the curve", & already using 1) for teaching.

See sidebar [ "STRINGS "07" TV show player ] on right.


Kevin said...

Thank very much for so much work in making these talks easily accessible. It is deeply appreciated.

I think however, your efforts are misguided. Rather than basing things on proprietary software from Apple and Adobe, it makes more sense to make things available using free and open source software. Why voluntarily tie content which should be freely available to non-free software?

Not all of us want or have iPod/iTunes/AppleTV/iPhones.

Anonymous said...
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